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Things to Avoid When You Make A Postcard

Postcards are thick enough to write messages and senders without using an envelope. The sizes of postcards that are made can vary from A6, A5, and A4. The following are things you should avoid if you are going to make your own postcards. Read it until it’s finished. 

1. Not So Engaging and Appealing Design 

An unattractive design might be different for everyone. Therefore, when you design, make several design options to choose from. You can ask your colleagues for their input on how they perceive the postcard. One indicator of a good design is that people want to look beyond the postcard. You can imagine if you were to see a postcard, you will most likely pick the one that stands out more rather than sees it one by one. You can use a variety of designs that you like first. Additionally, you can look for references to places that sell similar postcards. There is also nothing wrong if you search online for insights. There are tens of thousands of design ideas that are ready for you to pick. 

2. Choosing Too Little or Too Many Colours  

The use of colour is mandatory in a postcard. I mean, in the 21st century, we sure loved to see something coloured. When you design your postcard in an application like adobe illustrator (AI), make sure you set the colour to CMYK mode and 300 DPI. These will do well on your postcard when printed. It is recommended that you use a sufficiently proportioned colour. Too many colours will make the font you choose also need to be adjusted so that it can be read. Colours that are too little or even no colour cause your card to be less likely to be noticed. 

3. Size That Is Too Big or Too Small 

As previously explained, there are standard sizes that you can choose when making postcards. However, it doesn’t limit you to be creative with various other sizes. For your information, cards that are too large than A4 size don’t seem necessary nor a small postcard that will be less likely to be noticed. Just make sure you will have no trouble printing the postcards, and people will actually be interested in buying them. 

4. Paper That Is Not Rigid and Tends to Tear Easily 

One important component that you need to pay attention to is the thickness of the postcards you are using. Thin postcards will tear easily and won’t last long to use. Moreover, this postcard goes through a series of moving activities from one place to another. So, use paper that is thick and rigid. 

5. Text That Is Too Small  

The writing on postcards needs to be adapted to the ability of people to read from a distance. Normally, you can read the text from a distance of your arm’s length. Make sure you use a commonly read font, along with your handwriting that can be read clearly. Good luck! 

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