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Steps of Making a PVC Banner

You may have already known how PVC banner is one of the best tools for advertising, especially outdoors. But have you ever wondered how it is made? Many printing services can complete the order of creating a PVC banner printing in Singapore within one day and it sounds like an easy task, however, there are quite a few steps in the production process. Learn more about it below:

1. Designing

Well, this is usually done by the requester of the banner. However, some printing shops or services also offer designing services. A PVC banner design can be done with design software, preferably professional ones such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. The designing process of a PVC banner is very important since it plays a big role in determining whether a banner will be able to effectively do its job. All elements of the banner including images, colors, fonts, content, and other elements have to work well with each other to create an interesting look that can grab people’s attention and convey the promotional messages successfully each time it gets read.

2. Printing

After the design is satisfactory, you can go straight to the printing process. A PVC material is chosen for PVC banner, of course. PVC material itself has several choices such as laminated PVC material or coated polyester PVC material. A laminated PVC is cheaper but it has lower quality compared to the polyester coated PVC that is more durable and professional grade. Of course, you will need to pay more for the latter material.

The printing process of a PVC banner uses a large format digital printer that is capable of printing large data even up to five gigabytes file for one banner. And this printer can, of course, handle the large sized PVC stock in one pass. A banner can be printed within minutes. But do you think this is the end of the banner production? It is definitely not.

3. Hemming

The hemming process comes next, although not all printing services do this step. The hemming process is a process where the edges of the banner are folded and secured by a tape. This is to hide the color bleed area around the edges of the banner to make it look better. Another importance of the hemming process is to reinforce the part of the banner that will be strained when it is hung.

4. Eyeleting

The final step of banner production is adding eyelets or grommets to the banner, which is adding metal rings so that you can pass banner tie when a banner is about to be hung.

With the fourth step, a banner is completely done and ready to be handed to the requester. A banner that goes through the complete steps all the way until eyeleting will have better quality and better durability compared to ones that are not. It will be much easier as well since your banner will be completely ready to use as soon as you accept it from the printing shop. Thus, choosing a reputable and meticulous printing shop is critical in determining the quality of the banner you can get.

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