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Steps and Tips of Printing a Wedding Card

Wedding card printing is a way that you can choose to save up budgets for your special day. However, it can be difficult especially if you are not familiar with printing or a complete beginner in designing.

Don’t worry though, in this article you will find the steps and tips for designing a great wedding card.

1. Start Designing Early

Since you need time for trial and error, it is best that you start designing your wedding card ahead of time to give you more time for mistakes and retries.

Moreover, if you are printing your wedding cards on your own, you will need more time to print the individual cards because common inkjet printers work slower than professional digital printers.

With more time in your hands from starting early, you can do all your work at ease, which makes it less stressful for you.

2. Style of the Wedding Card

Stick to a style, preferably one that goes well with the theme of your wedding. But not only that, but you also have to make sure that the style is suitable for home printing if you don’t wish to hand your design to be printed by a printing service.

To make a home printing friendly wedding card design, use a design with fewer colors and more white space. This way, you can save ink. If you want a wedding card with more color, then you should try choosing a type of paper stock that is already colored instead of having the colors printed with ink.

3. Paper and Printer Compatibility

Choose a type of paper stock that can be processed with your printer and the ink of the printer that you have. If you print with an office or home printer, then you have a limited option for the paper that you can print with. If a paper is too thick, then it will be difficult for the printer to process it.

Preferably, use an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer for wedding card printing. But still, it does not really expand the option of paper that you can process it with. It is still best to print your wedding card in a printing shop. In a printing shop, there are a lot of paper options that you can print on as well as printing styles so that you can make your wedding card look even more interesting such as engraving, UV printing, letter pressing, and many more.

4. Don’t Forget the Envelope

Complete your wedding card with an envelope. An envelope does not only make your wedding card look more proper but it also secures the card as it gets delivered to the recipient. Remember to make your envelope look interesting as well. Design it so that it matches the style of the wedding card to create a cohesive look. At the very least, the color should match. But it is even better if the design and ornaments of the envelope goes along with the style and theme of the wedding card as well.

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