Self Inking Stamp Types and Uses

For the past decade, technology has advanced way more than anyone could ever imagine and started to change the way we do things. The various invention has helped us to become more productive over the years. However, there is one office tool that is still used for the past hundred years and hasn’t seen much changes. Despite its traditional aspect, it is still effective in assisting us to work more quicker and easier. This tool is no other than a self inking stamp. A self inking stamp is a versatile tool that is a must have around the office. By using a self inking stamp, you are more likely to work more productively and effectively. With the increasing advances in technology, we are now getting several new types of a stamp to choose for our work. To know more about the types of company stamp, read below.

1. Rubber stamp

This type of stamp is the most traditional and best known among many others. It is rather inconvenient because rubber stamps require a separate rubber ink pad. Moreover, this stamp isn’t capable of stamping high quality stamp as it tends to get blotchy and patchy often.

2. Self inking stamp

A self-inking stamp is a stamp that is pre-loaded with ink. Thus, it no longer needs a separate ink pad. It is easier to carry around because of this, and it isn’t much more expensive than the most conventional type of stamp. The pre-loaded ink can be refilled once it runs out and it is very convenient.

3. Pre-inked stamp

Pre-inked stamps are the type of stamp that is more durable and reliable as it is able to stamp a crisper image. By stamping a more professional image, you can give of a more credible and better impression of your company so that you can impress the recipient of your stamped document.

Other than considering the type of stamp you want to make for your office needs, you also need to know about the best type of material you should use for your work. The material difference will affect the quality of your stamp and determine its durability. In the old days, a wooden stamp is the most common. The handle of the stamp is made of wood and it has the rubber stamp attached to it. Nowadays, for self-inking and pre-inked stamps, they are mostly made of plastic. It is already quite durable as long as it is not made from too cheap plastic. However, it still has a chance of breaking after some time. For a more harder and serious work of stamping, metal material for a stamp is available to choose. It is highly durable and it resists breaking. It is best for uses in a rough environment such as garage and others. In case of falling, it will be able to withstand the impact.

Whatever the choice of stamp type and material for your needs, make sure that you try to find the best stamp manufacturer that can assist and provide you with the best stamp.

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