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Printing Tips for Express Name Card Production

Simply designing a name card is quite simple. However, you also have to make sure that the design that you make is compatible with the printing options that you are going through. These several tips below will help you create not only a good design, but also a design that is printing friendly so that you can get a high quality express name card printing without any problems. These essentials are simple yet often forgotten, and some are only known by professionals or people who are experienced in the field. So make sure that you pay attention to them and take note of each.

1. Bleed Area

In order to get a uniform name card batch, you have to remember about including the bleed area in your design. A bleed area in a name card means that an area surrounding the name card design that is left blank. The purpose of leaving this area blank is so that it will be easier for the printing service to cut your name card during the trimming process after printing. This will make sure that your name card will look identical with each other without any mistake in cut measurement, making sure that all the design element in the card is not damaged. Before you create a bleed area, however, remember to confirm with the printing service regarding the measurement required for this.

2. Design in CMYK

As you may have already heard before, there are two most common color processing that is often used in design and printing, which are the RGB and CMYK colors. These two color processing uses two different sets of base colors to be mixed to create many other colors. The RGB uses red, green, and blue, meanwhile, CMYK uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB is commonly used in the design software, while CMYK is the color processing that is used by printer inks. Now, you have to remember to match the colors you design in with the printing ink so that the results that you get will be accurate. RGB colors tend to be lighter, and if you print RGB colors using CMYK colors, there will be inaccuracies. That’s why, it is important to make sure that you design and print both in CMYK colors.

3. Image Resolution

People tend to forget to check the quality and resolution of the image they use for their name card design. Even though it may appear small, but using a high resolution image is important to make sure that the result won’t be stretched or pixelated. The acceptable resolution is of minimal 300 dpi so that the image can retain its quality upon printing.

4. Professional Printing

Although name card printing sounds simple and possible to do it on your own, don’t think about printing your name card using the common home or office printer. In order to get a high quality name card, you should leave it to the professionals. You may think that this will cost you more, but it is worth the quality. Also, if you order in a large quantity, you may get a cheaper price or discount.

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