How to Get a Company Seal in Singapore and How it is Made

Although Singapore is one of the countries that has already stated that companies no longer need to have a company seal to authorize documents, many still request to have a common seal produced for their companies.

It is no surprise, as a common seal in Singapore has many advantages that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. It can always come in handy and beneficial in several occasions and from the looks of it, it will continue to be requested even after more years.

A company seal can help a corporate or organization to look more formal and proper in their work of authorizing and executing documents. The documents that are authorized will also have an elegant feeling to them and this will most likely impress the recipient and reflect positively on the company image. Surely this will highly benefit the company, as proper execution of a document is very important. Any mistake or lazy work cannot be tolerated.

A company seal also helps a document to be assured of its authenticity. A seal is not so easy to fake compared to the signatures of the company officers or directors, so by adding it to the signatories, people will be able to be sure that the document is real and the signatures are not forged.

In order to acquire a company seal in Singapore, a company must make sure that the business is legally registered with the government. Companies in Singapore are registered with ACRA and all the registration process can be completed through the website. It doesn’t take long and it is not difficult. After getting the approval from the government through e-mail, then the company can make their company seal.

The next step in obtaining a company seal is to make the request to a company seal manufacturer. Find the best one possible in your area, make sure that the price is worth the quality of company seal they can provide. After finding the right manufacturer, you can submit the design of your company seal. They might give you feedback and correction regarding your design. Do this, and come to an agreement in the end. Make sure that your company seal at the very least includes your company name. A company seal also needs the registration date of the company. After the design is approved, then the seal manufacturer will start making your order. It usually takes a couple of working days for the seal to complete. However, there are also some manufacturers that can process the company seal within one day. The price will of course be different, so decide wisely.

A company seal manufacturer makes a seal using a laser cutter machine. A bronze plate will be engraved by the company name or logo with the said machine. Then, the bronze plate needs to cool down so that the design will be perfectly aligned. After that, a permanent adhesive is applied to those plates so that they can be affixed with the metal holders. After this step, the company seal is complete.

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