How to Design and Print Outstanding Posters

A poster stand in Singapore is most definitely one of the most cost efficient marketing tools that you can get and it is perfect for newly started businesses with limited marketing funds. If a poster is designed and printed right, it can be a really powerful tool. Here are some tips on how you can design and print posters of high quality even if you are a beginner.

1. Text Legibility and Hierarchy

The point of using a poster is to deliver or expose certain information to the right target audience. That is why, the content of the poster is one of the most important parts of it. A poster needs to be able to be read easily by anyone from a reasonable distance. It’s better if it can be read from quite a far distance so that it can appeal to even people that are far from the poster and eventually draw them in.

In filling the content of the poster, it is important to pay attention to its legibility and the hierarchy of the text.

To make sure that a poster is legible, then you have to pay attention to the choice of font and the size of it as well. Avoid font styles that are difficult to read, for example, ones that look like calligraphy.

Next, you have to make sure that the text has a nice hierarchy. The text that should be most visible is the highlight of the poster or the headline consisting of the gist of the poster content with words arranged so that it sounds intriguing for the readers. Following the headline of the poster, comes the main information that needs to be delivered. This comes in a font size that is smaller than the headline but not too small. Make sure that it is easy to read and does not cause strain to people’s eyes. Next and final one, is the supporting information or footnotes. This is optional, but if there’s any, make sure that it comes in the smallest font compared to the other two parts and does not hinder the main information and the headline. Usually, footnotes or fine prints are placed at the bottom of the poster design.

2. Poster Colors

Colors are one of the strongest assets in making an interesting looking poster. Colors that are bright and vibrant tend to attract more than ones that are dull and dark. If you want to make a poster that easily catches the eyes of your target audiences, try to find the right colors to work with. However, don’t overdo it and make sure that the colors that you choose are complimentary with each other in creating a pleasant looking poster.

3. High Quality Printing

If you want a high quality result, of course, you also need high quality printing. Poster printing in Singapore can be done in a lot of places, but you have to make sure that the place of your choice can produce the poster in a quality that you want according to the budgets you have for the poster production.

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