How to Create an Attractive Business Card

A custom name card is an important aspect of business correspondence for any small to large companies even though it is only a small part of name cards. With a personalized name card, your name cards will look more authentic and professional. Name card printing is usually accompanied by business card printing to complete the look of name cards as you can’t send out a mail without a business card. The two of them work together to create a professional and credible image in every name cards you send out to your business partners and clients. Even though it means more money to spend on production, name card, and business card printing are beneficial for your business.

In creating a name card and business card, you can’t just do it aimlessly. You must pay attention to the details and make sure that all the important aspect that supports a good design is present there. A lot of people don’t realize about some important things to look out for in making name card and business card. Read below to find out what they are.

1. Fonts

The font of your choice must represent your company or brand. In deciding on a font, it is best to keep it limited to two types of font only because if you use more than two, it will only confuse the readers and it won’t look good in general. Use the same fonts across all company stationery and keep it consistent with the colors too. Keep in mind to maintain simplicity instead of going for unnecessary grandeur.

2. Space

Mind the space between the elements in your name card. It is indeed important to make it enticing but remembers not to be overboard in placing the elements in there. Make sure that each element has space between the others so that they won’t appear cramped. Kiasuprint a printing company mentioned that adjusting the size of text and image as well as the borders so that it won’t look cluttered as it will appear unpleasant and difficult to read.

3. Colors

Printing your name card and business card in colors is one of the easiest ways to make it stand out and eye-catching. Print them in full color and be brave with choosing the color palette you want to have for your brand. Use splashes of colors for the background, logo, and font. Sticking to the color palette is important instead of putting random vibrant color. Make sure that everything complements each other and not ruin the overall look instead. Choose colors that create a strong impression and represent your brand well so that you will get recognized easier.

4. Alignment

Commonly, a name card is placed on the center of the topmost part of the name cards because it is right where the eyes laid attention to the first time a name card is opened and it is important to create the right impact and first impression at that exact moment with your name card. However, these days there are a lot more variations of it. Someplace it on the side and have it more like a border. Choose what is best for you.

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