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Frequently Asked Questions about Wax Seal

Wax sealing is probably something that is quite uncommon in this era. A wax seal is more commonly used in the past when sending out handwritten letters were still more often done than it is today. Since e-mail and messengers have taken over and made reaching out to people more easier, the use of the wax seal is not so popular anymore.

Even so, it does not necessarily mean that a wax seal is no longer used or no longer needed. Many people have found different uses for wax seals now, for example for arts and decorations. However, there are still some people who use a wax seal to seal letters as well. This is even done by large companies as they send out letters to their clients, business partners, and other beneficial relations.

If you are interested to know more about wax sealing, read further about it below.

What is a Wax Seal?

It is not very hard to guess. A wax seal is a type of seal that is made out of wax. How it is made? Well, first you have to melt down a wax thoroughly and pour it onto the desired surface, such as paper, most commonly. Then, you will need another tool for a stamp. This stamp is to press down on the melted wax before it’s completely cooled off and harden. This way, you will make it secured against the surface of the paper and left with a distinct logo or mark, for example, the logo of your company or a certain mark that is easily linked to your brand or name. With that, you have already got your wax seal. If deemed necessary, you can add more decorations and finish onto the wax seal as well.

Wax seal’s uses over the past years have shifted a little, from being a seal that is mandatory for correspondence in the old days to simply for decorations and arts.

What are the Available Types of Waxes? What are the Differences Between Them?

At the very basic, they’re all wax. They are made from the same material. It’s just these waxes are made into different shapes and sometimes mixed with different things that allow them to have unique characteristics. The outcome and quality of waxes are not the same as one another. For example, there are the traditional sealing wax and the flexible sealing wax.

The traditional sealing wax is much less flexible than the other one. This quality makes a traditional sealing wax easier to break, making it not suitable for sending out letters because it is quite frail and breakable. On the other hand, flexible sealing wax can adapt to more surfaces and materials.

Which Type of Wax to Choose?

The answer varies from one person to another, depending on the purpose and intention they have in mind. Make sure that you understand the characteristics and uses of each type of wax, so you can perceive which one is good for the intention you have in mind before you pick on one wax to use.

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