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Create Awesome Advertising Flyers in These Five Simple Steps

Flyer, a small and simple advertising tool is also one of the cheapest alternatives you can opt for if you wish to extend your marketing reach. Although it doesn’t seem much, a flyer can contain the necessary and focused information to deliver to your target audience effectively as long as the flyers printing in Singapore is done right.

Flyer printing is used by many businesses to advertise their products or services. Despite seemingly insignificant, flyers are still used by even large companies. At the same time, it is an advertising alternative that is very friendly for small businesses as it doesn’t cost much and is effective.

The effectiveness of a flyer mostly relies on its design. You have to come up with ways to make your flyers look interesting and eye catching so that your potential customers will be interested to read what’s written there.

To create a good flyer design, here are several designing tips you can use, paying attention to a flyer’s main elements:

1. Make your headline interesting

Headline sitting on top of your flyer is the most crucial aspect to ensure the effectiveness of your flyer. As it is the main attraction of your flyer, it needs to do its job of reeling people in and convince them to read further. Put an interesting offer as your headline, be as creative as possible with your words to grab your potential customer’s attention.

2. Maintain the flow of your flyer

The human eyes commonly read from the top to the bottom. For most countries, people read from left to right. Make sure you keep the fact in mind and apply this into your design. Following the natural flow of the eyes supports ease of reading that will encourage your customers to keep on reading. Creativity can be included to an extent, but pay attention not to make it too complicated.

3. Use graphics and illustrations

Colorful images and infographics are often used in flyers as they are eye-catching and helps readers to understand the content of the flyer easier. If needed, you can do flyer printing on both sides of the paper so that you can fit in more graphics.

4. Keep text and illustrations from overlapping

As mentioned before, graphics can enhance the look of your flyer and make it more effective in conveying your messages. Remember that there is another element in your flyer that is texts or words that should be kept from overlapping with these images especially regarding the color. Keep the contrast balanced; put light colored text on dark colored image and vice versa to help the eyes isolate the lines of the text from the background image.

5. Put the important information

Don’t forget to let your customers know where they can find more information and contact you or find your business address. This information is very important and should be included in your flyers at all costs. If not, then your flyers will be distributed for nothing. Due to the limited space in your flyer, you can’t fit many information. So, it is best that you put your website address where they can access it themselves and browse freely for a complete information about your business. This has proven to help increase the number of sales by ensuring that your offer is legitimate and that your business is trusted as well as reliable.

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