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8 Must Know Types of Easel Stands for Artists

Easel stand is one of the essentials for artists to work with. There are a lot of available options for easel stands to choose from, and it may get quite confusing especially for beginners who are getting their first easel stand.

Each type of easel stand has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the other types of easel stand and it is really important to learn about them so that you can choose the best type of easel stand for your needs.

1. Lyre Easel / A-Frame Easel

The lyre easel is one of the most popular types of easel stand that many people use. The frames of this easel make a shape that resembles the shape of the letter A, so it is sometimes known as the A-frame easel. This frame has three legs with two in front and one supporting at the back. The range of canvas size that a lyre easel can hold is from 38 inches to 75 inches, sometimes it can also hold smaller sized canvases. It is quite economical and decent, however, it is not very sturdy.

2. H-Frame Easel

The frames or legs of this frame makes a shape resembling the letter H, thus the name. Compared to the lyre easel, the H-frame easel is sturdier. Unfortunately, this easel stand is not very easy to fold for storing not that it is convenient for transport due to its weight. The H-frame easel requires quite a spacious working place because it can hold larger sized canvases, which is up to 96 inches.

3. Giant Easel

Working with larger sized canvases? Don’t worry, there’s the giant easel for you. This type of easel stand can hold up to 120 inches canvas, which makes it bulky and heavy. If you need to get this easel stand, you have to make sure that you have enough space for working with this easel stand.

4. Convertible or Hybrid Easel

This type of easel stand can easily convert from being a normal easel to a tabletop easel. This easel stand is perfect for versatile artists that use a different medium for their works.

5. Tabletop Easel

Are the easel stands mentioned so far are too big for you who work with small mediums? Worry not, you can choose tabletop easel stand. This one is perfect especially for you who work with watercolor paints that can’t be done with easels that hold canvases in a vertical position.

6. Single Mast Easel

Single mast easel is one of the simplest easel stands that you can get. This one is more often used for art students instead of professionals or serious artists. This easel stand is definitely lightweight, making it easy to fold and store as well as move anywhere you want. It is even less sturdy than the A-frame easel, that’s why it is not much of a professional grade easel stand. It is affordable and convenient enough for complete beginners.

Whichever type of easel stand that you choose, make sure that the easel stand is perfect according to the work style that you have as well as the medium that you usually use.

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