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4 Tips To Start Making A Sticker That You Always Wanted

Sticker is a medium for pouring information and expression in the form of art. There are also various types of stickers, one of which is mirrorkote sticker. The sticker has a shiny finish and suitable for beverage or food packaging products that make these two things even more attractive and engaging to the customer. Actually, there is no standard way of making stickers, it all depends on your wants and needs. But, I am sure that the tips given in this article will really help you in making the stickers you always wanted. Read it until it’s finished. 

1. Make Several Sketch Alternatives That You Want, And Choose The One You Like The Most. 

If you want to make stickers, you must not only make one sticker, right? You will make several alternative sticker sketches, then you choose the one that matches your needs and desires. If this sticker is for commercial purposes, especially for your packaged product, then you want to choose a sticker that represents your brand. To get this, you can take an idea of   your company’s goals, the nuances you want to convey, and what you want to present. 

2. Make Sure The Logo Or Writing On The Sticker That You Make Is Not Used By Your Competitors. 

A logo is very crucial in making your business product. Therefore, after you get the sketch that you have chosen based on your needs and desires, then you need to register your logo to the appropriate authorities. That way you will be officially registered, you can register your logo or brand with the symbol c which means copyright, or TM which means trademark, and others. 

3. Use The Right Color Combination.  

The color combination will make your product less confusing when it comes to sticker printing in Singapore. In addition, you can also take advantage of mix and match color combinations as an opportunity to stand out from your competitor’s products. Mirrorkote stickers are very capable of doing this with the glossy finish they have. In addition, if you are confused about finding the right color mix and match, you can take advantage of several free websites on the internet. This will give you color suggestions and show directly what colors match the most with your brand. You only need to select it and design it on your favorite application. It’s sure is easy as flipping your hand. 

4. Choose The Size Of Your Sticker That Has A Good Proportion. 

These are small details that will greatly affect your overall product when viewed up close or from afar. You are advised to determine from the initial sketch, and what size of the sticker you want and need. This, of course, has to be adjusted both with the size of your product and your packaging. Why is that? Because, if the sticker is made too big from the packaging, it will give the impression of being closed and cramped, on the other hand, if you make a sticker that is too small, your product will not stand out, and less likely to be seen. So use a proportional size. Good luck! 

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