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4 Things to Make Sure When You Making Greeting Cards for Customers

Are you thinking of sending greeting cards to your customers? Which one do you prefer, buy the card or make it?  

Today, many companies are thinking of making their own greeting cards. Why? There are various reasons for that, but most of them think of making the card because they can do some personalization and minimize the cost per card. So, are you interested in making the card? 

If you prefer to make greeting cards, don’t begin the process until you know a few things you need to make sure of when you decide to create the card. But what kind of things need to be sure? You can read a few of them below! 

1. Knowing the Recipient 

First thing first, it is essential that you exactly know who your recipients are. Why do we need to ensure that? Knowing your target or recipient helps you to make some adjustment to your card. For instances, if your customers are young people, then you can create a design for your card more modern and colourful! Also, you can write some messages on the card more casually.  

2. Size, Material, and Printing 

Next, when you decide to make a greeting card, you need to make sure about the size of your card. There are various sizes for greeting cards, but the standard one is A5. It’s not just sizes that have a variety of choices, because the same thing happens to the material. There are lots of materials to choose for your card, from Artcard, Majestic Marble White, to Matt White. But to choose the best material, you need to consider what you expect from your card and your budget. Then, don’t forget you need also to make sure that you print your card at a greeting card printing service that offers great print quality. It will determine the result of your card, so decide it carefully! 

3. Make Sure Your Greeting Card Contains A Personal Touch 

We know that in business, the company doesn’t only send the card to 2 or 5 customers, especially during the holiday season. So, usually, they make the card massively and print the message on it. But a greeting card is not just about sending a few messages on the card. It is about a personal touch. Then it is okay for you to print the message on the card, but make sure you create some personal touch on it. You can write a few short sentences by hand and sign the cards to give the card your personal touch. 

4. Ensure That Everyone Can Read the Message 

This point is absolutely crucial! If you want to make a message printed on your greeting cards, then you have to ensure that everyone can read it easily. So, make sure you choose the right type, size, and colours of the font to write the message on your card. These three things determine whether your message would be easy to read by its recipient or just confuse them. 

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