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3 Ways to Achieve Eye-Catching Poster Printing in Singapore

A poster is one of the most effective tools that you can choose if you want to let people know of something, whether it is a launch of your new product, an event, a promotion, a campaign, or others. It can be beneficial for nearly anything that requires message delivery to a large audience. Since its main purpose is to be able to convey the message displayed on the poster, it is important to make sure that the poster has a design that is not only attractive but also effective in message delivery. To make sure that it looks interesting, there are several considerations that you have to think about as you design the poster itself. This also determines or affects the effectiveness of the poster in delivering the message. Poster printing in Singapore can only come out good if it is designed well, so these tips that you will learn about will come very handy as you design a poster.

1. Ease of Reading

Since a poster needs to be able to attract people well, it is better if you can design it to be able to appeal to people even from a distance. One of the ways to do it is by coming up with a poster headline that sounds interesting and convincing. To make sure that it can be seen even from a distance, you can design your headline in large font and bold. Then, the rest of the information that you want to be delivered with your poster needs to come in a smaller font to create a good design balance or hierarchy. You can even add more information that is only additional. Usually, this extra information is put in a smaller size and is delivered subtly to avoid hindrance or distraction from the important key information of the poster.

2. Color contrast

Color plays an important role in determining the attractiveness of a poster. At the same time, choosing the wrong colors can make a poster look really bad no matter how high the quality of paper you choose and the ink you use for the printing process.

As you choose the colors you want for your poster, it is absolutely important to keep the balance between them all, as well as the contrast. For example, if you choose a vibrant colored poster background, then the text must come in darker colors of high contrast so that you can be sure that the content of the poster can be read easily. If you put light text on a light background, it won’t appear nice, let alone legible. For the background of a poster, it is better to print it in a big solid color along with full bleed.

3. Paper Stock

The types of paper available for poster printing can vary. Some of them are thicker than the others, some have a smooth surface, some are rough, some are waterproof, some are good for outdoor uses, and some are better indoors. You have to know which one is the best for you according to your aims, goals, and purposes that you wish to achieve with the use of posters as an advertising tool.

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