Window shopping revolution has arrived


Visualplanet’s touchfoil is inspiring the latest innovations in high street shopping

Over ten years ago global touch technology pioneers, visualplanet, developed and delivered the world’s first through-window retail concept; at the core of the solution was its unique through-glass touch sensor, the visualplanet touchfoil™.

Today, the touchfoil™ is inspiring retail innovation to the next stage, with key integration partners creating revolutionary through-window shopping experiences for major retail brands. The latest installations combine the immediacy of online browsing and mobile payments with the theatre of a physical retail space for a unique and measurable customer experience.

Vernon Spencer, founder and co-owner of visualplanet explains: “An empty retail window can be dressed for a permanent or pop-up display; the addition of a shopping-enabled touchscreen turns the window into an online shopping basket. Simply choose the products you want to buy, go to checkout and the payment details will be pushed through to your mobile device. It’s that simple.’

The integration of the patented touchfoil™ with hardware and software, as well as the latest advances in mobile payment technology, enables retailers to create completely customised interactive shopping experiences. This novel shopping method enables established retailers to extend their customer offering, expand their brand presence and maximise both the impact of their window spaces, as well as the revenue generated from them. For online brands, or retail brands that would normally find space in a premium shopping centre prohibitively expensive, this new model provides unprecedented access to a new audience.

Even without being commerce-enabled, the touchfoil™ can form part of a solution that provides a powerful interactive advertising and communication medium.

Spencer continues: ‘The increasing adoption of touch-enabled windows and retail spaces will change the way we shop. Never before has it been so easy to translate the advantages of digital shopping to the high street. Brands can increase the impact of their retail presence whilst also engaging with their customers at a personalised level. We first explored the concept over a decade ago, and it is incredible to think that this technology will now pave the way for the regeneration of our town centres – bringing energy and theatre to the digital shopping experience.’

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