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Next stop … the visualplanet stand … for wayfinding information and inspiration

The experts in large format touch sensors – visualplanet™ – will showcase their latest innovation in touch technology, the Single User touchfoil, deployed within a range of live applications at ISE 2015.


On display will be examples of the Single User touchfoil™ working seamlessly in wayfinding applications – demonstrating that when combined with the right application, the high performing, interactive touchfoil can enhance the customer experience across multiple market sectors whilst also generating a tangible return on investment.

Visitors to the visualplanet stand can plan their journey around the exhibition using Omnitaps ISE wayfinding software as well as experiencing a typical transportation application from BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH housed within a bus shelter concept.

Visualplanet Director, Vernon Spencer, founded the business based on his strong belief that large format digital interactive screens would prove to be an exciting and progressive addition to metropolitan areas. Twelve years after delivering their first touch sensor, visualplanet’s latest innovation has been engineered to meet the specific demands of wayfinding applications in rugged environments.

VM Vizura - Mountain UV  Brookview - LCD Kiosk Directory


Dan Spencer, Product Manager, visualplanet, explains; “Our Single User touchfoil development has focused on vital performance characteristics within the mass transportation sector: the ability to work consistently through thick glass, low maintenance and reliability in the field. Small format touch sensors have become an integral part of our day to day lives, so consumers demand a natural touch experience on a large format screen that replicates the experience with which they have become so familiar. Furthermore, design plays an increasingly important role in our customers’ product development process; our behind-glass sensor offers a superior design aesthetic as well as heightened security and reliability, combining progressive design and glass selection with optimised performance.”

Deployed around the world in mass transportation, leisure and tourism sectors, digitised wayfinding and information points are growing in popularity.

Interactivity can provide content-rich information that is accessible to everyone – whether sharing the latest travel and weather information, timetabling changes, or useful details about the local area. Up to date and relevant, interactive digital displays guarantee the delivery of a range of services tailored to people on the move.

Users can personalise their experience as they are able to instantly manipulate the screen to provide relevant, real time content. The appearance of the screen can even be adapted for the time of day.

Live timetabling, for example, eliminates the need to produce costly, printed collateral that can quickly become obsolete. The burden on multi-lingual staff is also reduced as users can switch between digital screens – and languages. Simple navigation speeds up a ticket buying process – essential for busy commuters.

Much of the success of an interactive facility rests with the combined impact of a fast PC and high performing touch sensor such as the touchfoil. To maintain user engagement, the large format screens need to match the speed, accuracy and overall performance that consumers have come to expect from their small format counterparts.

Dan Spencer comments; “We recognised the importance of enhanced performance and speed of touch through thick glass, combined with a need to make it incredibly simple to get interactive. The improved response speed and accuracy of our latest product allows for low latency movement which creates the sensation of natural touch, and therefore a more engaging user experience. With two touches the new Single User touchfoil has fast speed of response and accuracy which is ideal for selection and zooming – particularly important for wayfinding maps and navigational applications.”

Through visualplanet’s growing global network of partners, the touchfoil has been integrated into kiosks, totems, retail windows all around the world. Working consistently through glass up to 20mm thick the touchfoil can be added to upgrade non-interactive displays or existing windows without the need for modification to the glass. Protected behind the glass these displays can still be accessed in all weather conditions and may even be used with gloved hands. This also makes them robust, vandal proof and reliable – able to withstand millions of touches a day.


Visualplanet’s creative partners have generated applications which include proximity sensors that detect the presence of people near to the screens, causing them to change dynamically from a static display to fully functional touch screen monitors – transforming simple information panels into automatic ticket machines therefore allowing them to also be a commercial success, self-funding through advertising revenue positioned in known high footfall areas.


To understand how interactive touch can benefit your business, and to see the Single User touchfoil in action, visit the visualplanet team on Stand 8-D300 at ISE 2015, or go to



Visualplanetare pleased to be showing Omnitapps Interactive wayfinding software with the ISE 2015 digital floor plan to help you on your way. Omnitapps are official ISE technology partners and developed their wayfinding software for ISE2013. The Omnitapps Composer Multi-Touch Suite, will also be available for visitors throughout the Amsterdam RAI exhibit halls.

About Omnitapps
Omnitapps are focus on serving a wide variety of customers in the business, education, events and hospitality markets, the Omnitapps Composer Multi-Touch Pack is an advanced multi-user software family for creating and deploying highly captivating, interactive touchscreen experiences. Organizations can display their product photos, videos, brochures, and even websites. They can also place products in the spotlight with the latest version of the Omnitapps Product selector which will have its introduction at ISE2015. At its ISE 2015 stand 8-F230, Omnivision will feature a live demonstration of the Omnitapps applications and will show how easy the configuration of the ISE Wayfinding is done.


About BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH
Founded in 1990 located in Brunswick / Germany made up of 200 engineers and technicians who are developing and producing innovative electronic systems and components for the rail industry and for rail operators. The product portfolio comprises electronic point controls, signal boxes, ATP systems and electronic interlockings as well as the corresponding vehicle equipment – both for light and heavy rail.

In the past years BBR has gained a solid reputation as a reliable supplier and partner to many rail operators throughout Germany, Europe, Africa and Asia. Besides public transportation operators our customers also include third party vendors like vehicle manufacturers or other industry customers.

For more information visit


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