Touch sensor for the world’s most robust interactive vending solutions

The experts in large format touch sensors – visualplanet – will showcase their latest innovation in touch technology, the Single User touchfoil™, deployed within a range of live applications at ISE 2015.



On display will be a touch-enabled, smart vending machine from visualplanet’s partner – VE Global Vending Inc. – incorporating the latest touch sensor technology for heavy-duty applications.

The VE CONNECT® interactive vending machine will demonstrate the unique benefits of the vend experience when enabled by the Single User touchfoil™– providing the world’s most robust and responsive vending experience. Visitors will be entertained and engaged with fun and memorable attraction apps while vending from the machine.

With advances in technology, digital information is being increasingly used to activate customer relationships within the retail sector. When incorporated within a vending machine, touchscreens create a truly dynamic and personalised shopping experience.

Visualplanet’s latest innovation has been engineered to meet the specific demands of the retail vending sector.


Dan Spencer, Product Manager, visualplanet, comments; “Our Single User touchfoil development has focused on the vital performance characteristics within the retail arena: the ability to work consistently through thick glass, low maintenance and reliability in the field.  Small format touch sensors have become an integral part of our day to day lives, so consumers demand a natural touch experience on a large format screen that replicates the experience with which they have become so familiar.  Furthermore, design plays an increasingly important role in our customers’ product development process; our behind-glass sensor offers a superior design aesthetic as well as heightened security and reliability, combining progressive design and glass selection with optimised performance.”

Working in partnership with VE Global Vending, visualplanet created an enhanced bespoke product that will become a standard component of VEGV’s future interactive touchscreen vending machine solution. Based in technology centre Cambridge, UK, visualplanet custom-designed a touchfoil that works through glass up to 20mm thick. Positioned inside the VE CONNECT interactive vending kit, on the back of the glass, the touch sensor is protected within the unit – robust, reliable and able to withstand heavy daily usage.

The intelligent remote monitoring of the machine status and inventory – combined with the interactive user interface – means that screens can be changed on-demand or scheduled based on criteria, such as day of the week, or time of day for a single machine, or the network. Programmes can even be tied to online campaigns to build loyalty and customise the offer based on anonymous demographics. Advanced analytics and reporting allow inventory to be managed more effectively, with discounts or bundling offers being applied to slow-moving or about-to-expire line items.

With audiences hungry for information and choice, digital vending machines are able to display products in 3D, show detailed nutritional information or product details for a clear comparison between the products on offer.

Furthermore, when the machine is not actively vending it is transformed into an effective advertising space. Often placed within high footfall areas, such as public transport hubs or on a university campus, there is an opportunity to engage with a wider audience, maximising return on investment with sold advertisements in HD video or still images. The touchscreen can be used to communicate powerful digital messaging, promoting products, events or simply acting as a reminder service by sharing up to the minute information.

Short bursts of pre- and post-vend games can increase user enjoyment, generating some friendly competition within closed environments such as schools or offices.

When combined with the right application, the high performing, interactive touchfoil can enhance customers’ experiences across multiple market sectors whilst also generating a tangible return on investment. To understand how interactive touch can benefit your business, and to see the Single User touchfoil in action, visit the visualplanet team on Stand 8-D300 at ISE 2015, or go to




A VE CONNECT smart vending aftermarket kit transforms any vending machine into an internet-connected device with attention-grabbing interactive LED touchscreens, exciting vending apps, digital signage capabilities, and managed from the cloud. The Interactive Vending Platform™ (IVP), features VendOS™, a game-changing software platform enabling worldwide deployment of machines, with customized user experiences, managed from one cloud-based portal, with a powerful content management system. Implementations of these types of units can include

  • Products displayed in 3D, to virtually spin the item and read ingredients/allergens and product details
  • Payment types including mobile apps, NFC, credit cards, cash
  • Social media tie-ins, gifting, games, digital signage and advertisements in HD, flash or still images, loyalty programs, sampling, promotion
  • Mini-cameras for anonymous demographics to track visitor counts, dwell times, advertisement conversation rates, sales, and even lost sales
  • A variety of products ranging in size from a few ounces to up to 40 pounds per slot
  • Powerful data analytics by machine or across the network.


About VE Global Vending Inc.
VE Global Vending’s Interactive Vending Platform is the most flexible, comprehensive and technologically advanced vending platform on the market today.  Used by companies around the world wanting exciting and different user experiences for self-service vending and provisioning, the results are increased sales, streamlined operations and reduced expenses.  VE Global Vending ( is a subsidiary of Vendors Exchange International Inc.

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