touch sensor for high footfall public applications

Displayed on the visualplanet stand at ISE2015 will be a touch-enabled bus shelter incorporating the latest touch sensor technology for high-footfall, unattended applications. Visitors to the visualplanet stand can plan their journey around the exhibition using Omnitaps ISE wayfinding software, as well as experiencing a typical transportation application.

The concept bus shelter will demonstrate the unique benefits of visualplanet’s touchfoilTM in interactive public facing applications within potentially challenging operating environments.


Dan Spencer, Product Manager, visualplanet, comments; “Our Single User touchfoil development has focused on vital performance characteristics within the mass transportation sector: the ability to work consistently through thick glass, low maintenance and reliability in the field. Small format touch sensors have become an integral part of our day to day lives, so consumers demand a natural touch experience on a large format screen that replicates the experience with which they have become so familiar. Furthermore, design plays an increasingly important role in our customers’ product development process; our behind-glass sensor offers a superior design aesthetic as well as heightened security and reliability, combining progressive design and glass selection with optimised performance.”


Bus stop_Lipton_2  Bust stop_Dove


Visualplanet’s Single User touchfoil has been engineered for single user interaction, whilst withstanding the demands of public access in a self-service environment. Sitting safely behind the glass and inside the enclosure with zero bezel integrating the touchfoil doesn’t interfere with the process of IP rating the enclosure to be immune to ingress from water and dust – making it easy to maintain and keep clean.

The touch sensor can even be used whilst the user is wearing gloves – perfect as visualplanet’s touch sensor technology is deployed in some of the most extreme environments around the world.

Simple to retro-fit, the touchfoil works through glass up to 20mm thick which means that an installed base could be upgraded to include touch capability with the minimum of investment. Positioned on the back of the glass, the touch sensor is protected within the panel – robust, reliable and able to withstand heavy daily usage.

From mountain-top kiosks, to bus shelters in Russia, bustling railway stations and busy airports, combining way-finding and live travel and local information with wider promotional and entertainment messaging is bringing interactivity to underutilised spaces, generating revenue streams and improving the customer experience.

Interactivity can provide content-rich information that is accessible to everyone – whether sharing the latest travel and weather information, or useful details about the local area. Up to date and relevant, interactive digital displays guarantee the delivery of a range of services tailored to people on the move.

Large format digital signage can simplify and speed up the information gathering process for passengers, improving their overall experience. Passengers can instantly personalise their experience as they are able to instantly manipulate the screen to provide relevant, real time content.

Live timetabling eliminates the need to produce costly, printed collateral that can quickly become obsolete. The burden on multi-lingual staff is also reduced as users can switch between digital screens – and languages.

Larger screens can open up compelling ROI opportunities: a touch-enabled screen can display product or promotional messages, providing a truly unique advertising medium in a highly public location – quickly attracting attention from passers-by when deployed creatively. Clever positioning within a bus shelter guarantees high footfall combined with a likely period of waiting time – maximising the advertising potential of an otherwise underutilised location.

The interactive elements of a display can provide a distracting activity and source of entertainment, whilst simultaneously driving brand engagement and displaying key messages to the public.

When combined with the right application, the high performing, interactive touchfoil can enhance customers’ experience across multiple market sectors whilst also generating a tangible return on investment. To understand how interactive touch can benefit your business, and to see the Single User touchfoil in action, visit the visualplanet team on Stand 8-D300 at ISE 2015 or get in touch.


The concept shelter which will be upgraded to touch by visualplanet has been supplied by TopTech. Toptech is an innovative company specialising in supplying street furniture and other high quality products nationwide. Being part of the Solit Group since 2008, they have over 50 years of experience bringing cutting edge design to all their products, including shelters, bicycle parking, notice boards and portable cabins.


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