The shopping mall of the future

Brought to life through interactivity

PresTop in Holland have used the visualplanet touchfoil to bring the The Alexandrium Woonmall Shopping Centre in Rotterdam to life with interactive technology. The displays are a major feature of the shopping center, providing a visual spectacle at the entrance to the centre, welcoming shoppers and visitors and intuitively guiding them around the vast 1.6 million sq. m retail facility.

shopping mall kiosks

As one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the Netherlands, the Commercial Center Alexandrium consists of approximately 210 stores, with around 60 stores in the home decoration and interior design section. Prominently displayed at the entrance to the home decoration and interior design area of the shopping centre, customers are now greeted by a range of exciting and engaging interactive displays including two 2 touch kiosks and three 42” hanging displays. Located in the heart of the “Living Mall” is an impressive, custom-made two-sided 42” touch totem – all made interactive with an integrated touchfoil.


The stores in this area of the mall range from high street fashion to large retail megastores alongside an aesthetically inspirational home decoration and interior design section. Navigating around this overwhelming amount of store choice requires high performing, robust and reliable wayfinding applications that are easy to use and maintain the ability to blend into and match the contemporary design of the shopping centre.


The introduction of the interactive touch screens was part of a complete re-design of the home decoration and interior design section of the mall, with the ambition to better cater to the needs of its visitors.

  • The kiosks needed to be visually attractive to draw the attention of passers-by,
  • the content needed to be intuitive and easy to use, and;
  • the technology needed to be robust and reliable for the unattended displays in large footfall location demands.

shopping mall

Visualplanet partner PresTop – specialists in interactive solutions – worked closely AOPEN – a major electronics manufacturer and one of the world’s leading providers of commercial products and applied business solutions – to create these visually impressive, robust, easy to use, wayfinding kiosks to be displayed throughout the shopping mall. The kiosks were designed by combining the very latest and most innovative technology in their respective fields: Philips displays, AOPEN Digital Engine media players, Omnitapps touch software and visualplanet touchfoils.


The visualplanet touchfoil was selected due to its ability to work through thick glass combined with its reliability to perform consistently in unattended, public facing environments. The foil based touch sensor is laminated straight on to the inside of the glass; its ability to work on any non-metallic surface meant that they could simply be retrofitted within the existing kiosks without modification or compromising creativity and design. Placed behind the glass the user does not come into direct contact with the sensor, therefore it is safely concealed and vandal proof. Maintaining a clean and smart appearance is simple, and can be easily incorporated into the centers’ existing cleaning routines: with zero bezel the touchfoil is flat to the glass once laminated, therefore it is free from build-up of dust and dirt.


“With the visualplanet touchfoil™ we can make solutions that look good yet are still vandal- proof, useable for public spaces and easy to keep clean without being affected by outside influences”

Richard Roggeveen, Account manager PresTop Products


Application design is of vital importance to user experience. Customers are increasingly coming to expect an instant, personalised and easily accessible service at the touch of a screen. Through the advanced Omnitaps wayfinding software application, shoppers are effortlessly able to search for their favourite stores. The digital screens have a smart category search option for the easy identification of relevant places to visit and to highlight “recommended for you” stores they may not have considered previously. Once the user has found where they would like to visit, a QR code then pops up on the screen which can be scanned to upload the directions; additional details then appear on their smart phone to help them reach their desired destination.


To increase ROI of the screens, when no interaction is taking place they automatically switch to display additional advertisements and promotions for events that are taking place in the mall. Centrally and remotely managed, the messages and adverts on the screens are straightforward to update daily. The user can also view these in more detail when they interact with the screen, allowing the user to feel in control of the messages they receive, also enabling them to manipulate the details to meet their precise requirements. The advertisements also open up opportunities to generating further income for the mall, as the retailers will have the opportunity to run commercial advertisements on screens. Digital messages are more eye catching and therefore more able to effectively deliver the message to the customer, ultimately driving them into store to purchase the promoted product.

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