The key to your new home

The touchfoil, the 24/7 key to finding your new home

The very first large format film based touch sensor, the  touchfoil was created by visualplanet to enable out of hours information to be displayed onto an estate agents window, in our home town, Cambridge, UK

10 years on…

The touchfoil is still working hard proving itself to be a valuable asset for estate agents globallyEnabling their through window displays to become interactive means passers-by can view a full range of real time property information whilst the shop is closed.  They can even show interest by leaving their details, helping them get one step closer to their dream home and the agent one step closer to that sale!

The touchfoil is laminated onto the inside of the window, which makes it completey weather and vandal proof.  An LCD is then placed inside the store behind the touchfoil.  The touchfoil enables the content displayed on the LCD to be driven by the user (even if they happen to be wearing gloves!) from the outside of the window.  The touchfoil is also available with an integrated rear projection film as an alternative to using LCD displays.


Russells - Residential Estate Agents - Rear Projection

2003 visualplanet’s first touchfoil installation, a through window rear projection, in Russell’s Cambridge, UK

SmithBrewer Install_UK_EstateAgent_2013

2014 the touchfoil continues to inspire through window installations. Driving out of hours traffic leading to increased traffic and more sales.


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