Single User touchfoil launch


Visualplanet’s next generation touch sensor addresses the requirements for interaction with single user touch applications in unattended rugged environments.


World leading UK manufacturer of large format, Projective Capacitive (Pro Cap) touch sensors -visualplanet™- has developed a unique and important new touch technology. Visualplanet’s new Single User touchfoil™ has been specifically designed to service customer demand for an accurate, high performance, zero maintenance touch experience.
The new touchfoil bridges the gap between the existing speed and accuracy of large format touch screens and the high performance levels that customers have come to expect from small format touch sensors, such as phones and tablets.

Daniel Spencer, touchfoil Product Manager explains; “We recognised the importance of enhanced performance and speed of touch through thick glass, combined with a need to make it incredibly simple to get interactive. The improved response speed and accuracy allows for low latency movement which creates the sensation of natural touch, and therefore a more engaging user experience. Furthermore, our new development retains some of the unique benefits of our established product.”

The new two touch, Single User touchfoil continues to perform through thick glass with the touch experience remaining consistent in thicknesses up to 20mm, making it ideal for touch applications that need to withstand high volumes of traffic in public facing applications. Protected behind the glass, the touchfoil remains operational in all weather conditions and challenging operating environments.
With full HID compatibility and full on-board processing, there is less reliance on the PC therefore increasing the product’s ease of use and dependability in the field.

Spencer continues; “Enabling interactivity in large format digital signage allows for enhanced brand engagement, and the ability to create a personalised user driven experience for more informed purchasing decisions. The management of content across a network of displays is simple and it is easy to measure the number of direct interactions with the content – even capturing unique user details. The specifically engineered behind-glass sensor offers a superior design aesthetic as well as heightened security and reliability. Integrators can now combine progressive design and glass selection with optimised performance.”

This ground breaking product is the result of robust research and a significant development project by visualplanet’s R&D team, which includes the original inventor and patent holder of self capacitance sensing. Visualplanet’s commitment to the world of touch technology is demonstrated by their continuous development and improvement of the touchfoil which is protected by patents and UL approved to meet the global standard requirements.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from this latest development from visualplanet please contact: or call on +44(0)1223 202949.


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