Linux Compatibility


The Single User (dual touch) touchfoil is now compatible with Linux.

Beta testing began this month with full launch coming soon.

For more information get in touch with our sales team

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Keep up to date with the latest compatibility and in house testing on the knowledge base here

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Gateway to education

A new era in digital interactive technology

Seamless, interactive surfaces arrive in the Ford Alumni Centre, University of Oregon.

The visualplanet™ touchfoil™ has been used by Second Story in partnership with visualplanet US distributor Brookview Technologies to create media cascades that are touch sensitive floor-to-ceiling displays presenting movies, images, slide shows text, infographics and maps at the University of Oregon in the Ford Alumni Center.


These visually stunning, towering interactive media panels present information about a multitude of topics to explore in a ‘waterfall of content’ style. Positioned at the very front of the university they are the first thing that visitors and prospective students see as they enter the university –thus placing a huge importance on creating an immersive and visually inspiring entrance to showcase the university.

Second Story states “When the visionary leadership of the University of Oregon’s Alumni Association conceived of their new Center, a new paradigm was born. While most university alumni centres are heritage repositories celebrating the past, the Ford Alumni Center equally cultivates the future. As the new front door to the university, this dynamic building welcomes all visitors and immerses them in the pioneering spirit that defines the University of Oregon, providing equal parts inspiration and information.”1

Gateway to education 3 Gateway to education 1


The brief was to fill the 2,000 square foot space with media installations to inspire and captivate – displaying the history whilst simultaneously showing the innovative capabilities of the universities wrapped up in an inspiring modern learning environment.

The cascades were mixed with static artefacts and posters, mixing traditional exhibits with the contemporary, to symbolise the learning environment–drawing on an understanding, learnings and appreciation of the past to bring around change, new ideas and ways of thinking.

Second story continue “The cascades reveal the past, present and future possibilities of the University experience. The stories and objects they feature preserve the legacy of the alumni who defined the University while the dynamic database that fuels them serves media and information to recruit new generations of Oregon alumni.”

The media Cascades are touch-sensitive floor-to-ceiling displays that present movies, images, slide shows, text, infographics and maps reflecting the university as a whole and each Cascade is devoted to a different subject matter. The media was designed to flow through the Cascades like a waterfall of content showcasing the universities diversity in education, arts, athleticism and social.

Visitors can simply stand and watch to see all the university has to offer, while more active visitors could swipe across the Cascade to navigate through stories, touch to dig deeper into specific areas, personalising the user experience.


The engagement doesn’t end at the cascades. Through a powerful, custom content management system, stakeholders across the university can log onto an intranet and modify their respective content areas. They can select between dozens of templates, upload and crop images, add videos, create slide shows, and add whole sections to their themes.

The interactive cascades also act as 3D dynamic wayfinders, which can easily be maintained and updated from the university database to serve the most current data about the student body, alumni, or programs.

The Cascade panels slide on a track system built into the floors and ceilings running throughout the Interpretive Center allowing the area to be rearranged in different ways to service for different functions. The information on the cascades can also be reconfigured to display relevant information for the event – reflect the right atmosphere. This stunning install visually represents the universities ethos of change and forward thinking.


Interactive displays and educational environments are an obvious match. In an environment focused on learning, developing ideas, keeping up to date with the latest findings and technology, digital signage is a clear solution.

Interactive way finders give visitors more independence and freedom to explore the site as well as the information on display resulting in a personalised experience.

The touchfoil is ideal for bespoke projects such as this. With custom sizes available the floor to ceiling displays were easily accommodated. The flexible foil based touch sensor fits flush to the glass, therefore not interfering with the design aesthetics of the cascades. This with zero bezel keeps them free from build-up of dust and dirt, so keeping them clean and smart is simple. Designed for public facing, unattended areas, the touchfoil has low maintenance requirements making it ideal for withstanding high volumes of traffic as experienced here in the University.


This innovative immersive interactive experience has generated fantastic recognition including numerous Digital Signage Awards. UK touch sensor manufacturer, visualplanet, is thrilled that the touchfoil played a part in this impressive installation which showcases it’s abilities to add touch capabilities.


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touchfoil training webinar session 4



Wednesday September 9th at 9.30am & 4.00pm*


Bringing excellent customer service to our customers is of high importance to visualplanet, so that’s why we’re bringing our support team to you.

This latest support webinar will cover the touchfoil drivers and Software Configuration set up as well as operating system compatibility. As always our dedicated support and product team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Check below to choose the relevant time slot for your location and REGISTER TO ATTEND

Webinar A:
Europe & Asia-Pacific

09:30am London

10:30am Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome
11:30am Athens, Jerusalem
11:30pm Moscow
3:30pm Bangkok
4:30pm Beijing, Singapore
5:30pm Tokyo, Seoul
6:30pm Canberra



Webinar B:

04:00pm London

USA & Canada:
08:00am Pacific Daylight Time
09:00am Mountain Daylight Time
10:00am Central Daylight Time
11:00am Eastern Daylight Time



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Breathe Magic

Interactivity in healthcare

This week we supported London based, Social Enterprise Breathe Arts Health Research by lending them an interactive mirror screen from our demo room, touch enabled with a visualplanet touchfoil,  for their exhibition stand at the Commissioning Show.

Breathe Arts Health Research_Mirror Screen (13)

Breathe Arts Health Research is a not-for-profit social enterprise that designs and delivers innovative and clinically researched ways of using the arts in healthcare, to improve health outcomes for patients, staff and communities. Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programmes for young people with hemiplegia (a weakness/paralysis affecting one side of the body, caused by an injury to the brain) are 10-day programmes, where the young people access 60 hours of intensive and effective therapy, while learning to become a young magician! Occupational therapists work alongside Magic Circle magicians to teach magic tricks which have been designed to develop hand and arm function, cognitive abilities, self-confidence and independence. Research shows clinically significant improvements in bimanual motor skills and independence maintained at 3 and 6 month follow-up. You can find out more about the Breathe Magic programme and its impact by watching this video.

Throughout the Breathe Magic programme the young people have to use two hands for everything, so it was only apt that integrated into the mirror solution was our latest  Single User (dual touch) touchfoil with two touch capabilities.

CINCQ-bWsAAcIO1.jpg large











The mirror screen was selected for the show due to it’s sleek design aesthetics. The dual touch enabled screen allowed for visitors to the stand to easy switch between a collection of films, photos and documents to personalise their experience and find the right information for them. The presentation software application Lima was provided by touchtech.

Breathe Arts Health Research_Mirror Screen (14)

We are really pleased to have been able to support this innovative oragnisation to share the magic of their work.



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touchfoil training webinar session 3

Integration Tips & Tricks and fixing the controller

Wednesday 8th July






Watch back webinars 1 & 2 here

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Increased touchfoil size offering

­visualplanet releases small format customisable film touch sensor for the self-service touch market



Visualplanet – the leading manufacturer of large format, clear thin film touch sensors the touchfoil™ – responds to the global market demand for smaller size sensors, which provide design flexibility for self-service touch kiosk and vending machine manufacturers and integrators.


“At visualplanet, we work hard to innovate in line with our customers’ demands and are delighted to be bringing our expertise in large format touch sensors into this smaller format market with sizes as small as 15 inches. We are now connecting with the manufacturers and suppliers of smaller self-service touch solutions to bring them the benefits of the design flexibility of our established touchfoil product.” Mike Cole, Director, visualplanet.



The touchfoil is used to create a touchscreen when applied to glass and combined with a display and computer. The flexible materials and manufacturing processes used in its construction allows for easy size customisation, so product designers are no longer limited by the constraints of standard integrated touch modules. Choosing the touchfoil provides a wider choice in the type of glass and display for the end solution.


Cole continues “There is a requirement for a touch sensor that enables the production of competitive and reliable interactive solutions without compromising the final aesthetic. The customisable touchfoil, delivered as a thin film package, now addresses this need for freedom in design creativity across a wider size range”.


Using visualplanet’s unique patented MaskedCap™ method of projective capacitive technology the small format touchfoil can work through solid glass up to 15mm. This valuable feature makes it the touch sensor technology of choice for public facing displays withstanding heavy daily usage. Protected from user-abuse and the elements by the exterior glass of the enclosure, the touch sensor requires zero maintenance once installed. The dual touch offering is ideal for self-service, single user interaction with solutions including: wayfinding kiosks, vending and ticketing machines.


Visualplanet has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing, designing and supporting their flexible film based touch sensors around the world, so quality and continued innovation are assured.


When combined with the right application, the high performing, interactive touchfoil can enhance customers’ experiences across multiple market sectors whilst also generating a tangible return on investment. Download the latest Single User touchfoil (dual touch sensor) 15” – 85” specification here. To understand how interactive touch can benefit your business, get in touch or visit


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The shopping mall of the future

Brought to life through interactivity

PresTop in Holland have used the visualplanet touchfoil to bring the The Alexandrium Woonmall Shopping Centre in Rotterdam to life with interactive technology. The displays are a major feature of the shopping center, providing a visual spectacle at the entrance to the centre, welcoming shoppers and visitors and intuitively guiding them around the vast 1.6 million sq. m retail facility.

shopping mall kiosks

As one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the Netherlands, the Commercial Center Alexandrium consists of approximately 210 stores, with around 60 stores in the home decoration and interior design section. Prominently displayed at the entrance to the home decoration and interior design area of the shopping centre, customers are now greeted by a range of exciting and engaging interactive displays including two 2 touch kiosks and three 42” hanging displays. Located in the heart of the “Living Mall” is an impressive, custom-made two-sided 42” touch totem – all made interactive with an integrated touchfoil.


The stores in this area of the mall range from high street fashion to large retail megastores alongside an aesthetically inspirational home decoration and interior design section. Navigating around this overwhelming amount of store choice requires high performing, robust and reliable wayfinding applications that are easy to use and maintain the ability to blend into and match the contemporary design of the shopping centre.


The introduction of the interactive touch screens was part of a complete re-design of the home decoration and interior design section of the mall, with the ambition to better cater to the needs of its visitors.

  • The kiosks needed to be visually attractive to draw the attention of passers-by,
  • the content needed to be intuitive and easy to use, and;
  • the technology needed to be robust and reliable for the unattended displays in large footfall location demands.

shopping mall

Visualplanet partner PresTop – specialists in interactive solutions – worked closely AOPEN – a major electronics manufacturer and one of the world’s leading providers of commercial products and applied business solutions – to create these visually impressive, robust, easy to use, wayfinding kiosks to be displayed throughout the shopping mall. The kiosks were designed by combining the very latest and most innovative technology in their respective fields: Philips displays, AOPEN Digital Engine media players, Omnitapps touch software and visualplanet touchfoils.


The visualplanet touchfoil was selected due to its ability to work through thick glass combined with its reliability to perform consistently in unattended, public facing environments. The foil based touch sensor is laminated straight on to the inside of the glass; its ability to work on any non-metallic surface meant that they could simply be retrofitted within the existing kiosks without modification or compromising creativity and design. Placed behind the glass the user does not come into direct contact with the sensor, therefore it is safely concealed and vandal proof. Maintaining a clean and smart appearance is simple, and can be easily incorporated into the centers’ existing cleaning routines: with zero bezel the touchfoil is flat to the glass once laminated, therefore it is free from build-up of dust and dirt.


“With the visualplanet touchfoil™ we can make solutions that look good yet are still vandal- proof, useable for public spaces and easy to keep clean without being affected by outside influences”

Richard Roggeveen, Account manager PresTop Products


Application design is of vital importance to user experience. Customers are increasingly coming to expect an instant, personalised and easily accessible service at the touch of a screen. Through the advanced Omnitaps wayfinding software application, shoppers are effortlessly able to search for their favourite stores. The digital screens have a smart category search option for the easy identification of relevant places to visit and to highlight “recommended for you” stores they may not have considered previously. Once the user has found where they would like to visit, a QR code then pops up on the screen which can be scanned to upload the directions; additional details then appear on their smart phone to help them reach their desired destination.


To increase ROI of the screens, when no interaction is taking place they automatically switch to display additional advertisements and promotions for events that are taking place in the mall. Centrally and remotely managed, the messages and adverts on the screens are straightforward to update daily. The user can also view these in more detail when they interact with the screen, allowing the user to feel in control of the messages they receive, also enabling them to manipulate the details to meet their precise requirements. The advertisements also open up opportunities to generating further income for the mall, as the retailers will have the opportunity to run commercial advertisements on screens. Digital messages are more eye catching and therefore more able to effectively deliver the message to the customer, ultimately driving them into store to purchase the promoted product.

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touchfoil training webinar session 2


Product range, understanding your drawing and customisation

In the second installment of our touchfoil training series we covered the touchfoil product range, understanding your drawing and design hints and tips for customisation, so we can help you get the right touchfoil for your solution.


Watch back support webinar #2 Part 1

Watch back support webinar #2 Part 2 Part number overview




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touchfoil training webinar session 1


Lamination & Installation Tips


VP Permanent Step 6

Bringing excellent customer service to our customers is of high importance to visualplanet, so that’s why we’re bringing our support team to you.

This latest support webinar series will begin with a lamination demonstration, installation tips and the opportunity to ask our dedicated support team lots of questions.





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New EMEA distribution agreement with Arrow Electronics


Arrow Electronics has announced a new EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) agreement with visualplanet, a global manufacturing business that commercialises and industrialises large format touch sensor technology for use in digital and self-service interactive applications.

The company’s touchfoil™ products are deployed in a wide range of public facing digital signage, self-service touch solutions, from real-time bus timetable information boards to mountain top way-finding kiosks.

As part of this new agreement, Arrow will offer across EMEA visualplanet’s touchfoil™ technology, a clear large format, projected capacitance, flexible film sensor that can be applied to glass and many other surfaces to add interactive touch capabilities.

This agreement will benefit the Arrow OCS existing customer base, as visualplanet has developed expertise in projected capacitive touch sensors and continues its development of this technology.

“We are delighted to be entering into a distribution agreement with Arrow. Together, we will create new markets and access high growth sectors in key global territories. It’s an exciting time for large format touch technology as we are experiencing wider adoption and working with our channel partners on ground-breaking applications. With the launch of the new Single User touchfoil™ to service robust self-service solutions in demanding public facing environments, this agreement is perfect timing for us to collectively drive forward the implementation of interactive touch technology.” Vernon Spencer, Managing Director of visualplanet


Single User touchfoil curve


“With its focus on very large screens, visualplanet brings something unique to the market… The company’s flagship technology can be used in a number of promising market sectors including retail, industrial and medical for instance. This collaboration will help us strengthen our market shares whilst providing Arrow OCS with a major differentiator.” Amir Mobayen, vice president and general manager, Arrow OEM Computing Solutions EMEA

About Arrow Electronics Inc.

Arrow Electronics ( is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for more than 100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 460 locations in 56 countries.

Detailed information about Arrow’s operations can be found by visiting

Contact for sales enquiries and publication:
Arrow OEM computing solutions
+44 (0) 1279 455005

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