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Visualplanet touchfoil partner, Fida has rolled out some impressive ticket machines in Gradi Stationi, Italy in conjunction with Italo. By incorporating large format interactive displays into the stations’ ticket machines, they instantly become more accessible and pave the way for a truly intuitive and seamless purchasing experience.

With unprecedented numbers now choosing to travel by rail, the mass transportation sector in Italy has recognised the need to develop its service technology in line with consumer demand as well as the wider modernisation of the railway infrastructure. The result is increased accessibility and a greater degree of personalisation – and engagement with passengers – through the introduction of interactivity.

By simply adding touch capabilities to the digital ticket machine screens – with a visualplanet touchfoil – passengers are able to instantly manipulate the screen to provide relevant, informative, customised content. This content can be regularly updated in real time, therefore providing the most current information to passengers. One of the most important features of the digitised ticket machines is their ability to switch between languages at the touch of a button, making global travel easier than ever before and reducing the burden on multilingual staff.

Choosing large format screens also opens up compelling opportunities for generating a return on the original investment. With a larger screen it is possible to increase the amount of information available to the user; for example, software application upgrades can facilitate the addition of live timetabling information, alongside local area, travel and weather news, and promotions and events for regular travellers as well as visitors and holiday makers. Larger screens also offer the opportunity to incorporate advertising space, which can in turn generate income streams from the screens, justified by the wide reaching audience using the machines.

The decision to incorporate interactivity within the ticket machines was straightforward, however, municipal projects in Italy typically face a series of complex compliance regulations before a final decision can be reached. It was, therefore vital that Fida selected a touch sensor for their client that would comply with local regulations as well as deliver reliable performance in unattended, self-servicing public environments – the clear choice was the visualplanet touchfoil.

All the ticketing and way finding machines are IP65 sealed, so as the touchfoil is laminated onto the inside of the glass it is also safely concealed and able to withstand a high volume of touches and interactions per day. Combined with a high level specification, visualplanet’s touchfoil’s are UL and CE approved and the manufacturer holds certifications for Reach, RosH and FCC approvals.

“Since 2003 the visualplanet touchfoil™ has been used all around the world for some incredible interactive solutions. Our partners are an extremely inventive group, producing end-user signage solutions for our large screen touch technology in an astonishing variety of environments. The results of investment in large format interactivity are bringing about important improvements in the user experience and generating significant ROI for digital screens in the mass transportation sector”
Mike Cole, Director of visualplanet

Proximity sensors detect the presence of people near to the screens causing them to change dynamically from a static display to fully functional touch screen monitors – transforming simple information panels into automatic ticket machines. Simple navigation speeds up the ticket buying process and turnaround time – essential for busy commuters. Furthermore, the flexibility of digital screens linked to sophisticated computer systems means that the content can be customised for users who require a higher level of content and real time details for journey planning.

Maintaining a clean and smart appearance is simple, and easily incorporated into the stations’ existing cleaning routines: with zero bezel the touchfoil is flat to the glass once laminated, therefore it is free from build-up of dust and dirt.

The impressive large format touch screens are part of a project that will roll out across ten of Italy’s main railway stations; visualplanet is thrilled that the touchfoil has been selected for this contemporary and high profile upgrade to the country’s mass transportation systems.

The overall design concept for Italo has been recognised with awards for innovation, based on the creation of a fluid space and seamless service using technology from departures to arrivals that includes decisions, movements, waiting time and the journey of travelers.

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