Interactive game for brand awareness

Juicy Fruits Zapp! in Avenue Mall, Croatia

This July, the touchfoil has been used to add interactivity to a fun promotional campaign for the non-alcoholic fruit drinks brand Juicy Fruits in Croatia.


This addictive game has been used to entice people to interact with the screen to get them to try the new flavors of the drinks in the Juicy Fruits range. The campaign was also run to increase brand awareness, whilst promoting the company as a fun, fresh and active brand.

The campaign, with the slogan “The fruit is power!” was designed specifically to target dynamic, active young people who are always looking for new challenges.

Based on the classic ‘tap’ games users are experienced with on the smart phone small format, the game saw bright and colourful fruit such as oranges, apples, lemons and peaches tumbling across the screen in all directions, to earn points users had to ‘Zapp!’ as many as possible within the time frame. By taking this simple, addictive game and expanding onto a large format touchscreen created a buzz around the brand and brought more people to try the drinks.

The screen also contained cameras which could record the user experience. The footage captured on the cameras could then be viewed across the Juicy Fruit’s social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This was a strategic move to connect with the players online afterwards to continue the brand relationship and open up opportunities to capture new users data for future campaigns.

Choosing a hot Saturday afternoon to promote a refreshing drink with guaranteed footfall through the shopping centre was a smart move from the brand and helped to capture a larger and wider audience during the promotion.

The set up was a 65” diagonal screen, full HD resolution 1080×1920 pixels, with integrated touchfoil to add touch capabilities. The touchfoil was selected for this application as it sits flush behind the glass and therefore does not interfere with the design aesthetics of the final enclosure and the fast and responsive touch experience of the sensor which is required for a quality user experience when playing the game.

You can see a video of the screen in action here:

visualplanet reseller Opsis:
Installation integrator Go 2 Digital:

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