Interactive Film for Friday

Every Friday for the last couple of months we’ve been tweeting links to films featuring the inspirational work of our partners who have used a visualplanet touchfoil to enable interactivity in their solutions.


If you missed them, don’t worry just follow the links below to view some of our favorites.


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Gateway to education

The educational touch University upgrades to touch for sharing info and wayfinding

Bloomingdales Through Window Touch

Through window touch A big department store brings shop windows to life

Back Norway - Coastal Society Aker Brygge 96 inch 4x NEC Information Point (3)

Promoting local history A very large format touchfoil in the back of a container


Bringing interactivity to work Futuristic and inspirational innovation room

Russian Interactive bus stop touchfoil through glass

Russian interactive bus stops A fantastic attention grabbing digital marketing campaign

Large format campaign causes huge waves of awareness touchfoil through retail window

Making a big charity splash Large format campaign causes huge waves of awareness


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