Heaven sent… courtesy of the latest interactive touch technology

A visualplanet touch sensor designed for withstanding the demands of high footfall, public transport locations delights bus passengers in Russia

Bus stop_Тверская_2012

This visualplanet touchfoil™ found a new home with Mediavisor on Tverskaya Street in Moscow. The thin film touch sensor was effortlessly integrated into 9 bus shelters, helping the AXE brand communicate with potential consumers whilst waiting for their buses. The eye catching and innovative design was used to promote the “Angels Will Fall” Lynx campaign and was the very first interactive advertising install in Russian bus shelters.

The visualplanet touchfoil™ enabled Mediavisor to create a unique way to advertise media promotions in a highly public location, which quickly attracted attention from passers-by. The clever positioning within a bus shelter guaranteed a high footfall combined with a likely period of waiting-time – maximising the advertising potential of an otherwise underutilised location.

The interactive element of the display was used to provide a distracting activity and source of entertainment, whilst simultaneously driving brand engagement and displaying key product messages to the public.

Due to the location of the bus shelters, the challenge was to identify a touch sensor designed for single user interaction which could also withstand the demands of a public access in a self-service unattended environment.  As the visualplanet touchfoil works consistently through thick glass, therefore ideal for public facing displays, it was the touch sensor of choice for these installations.  The behind glass design flexibility allowed for freedom of choice in glass and the ability to “design in” to the existing bus shelters without the need for modification.  The touchfoil is laminated onto the inside of the glass and is able to perform in all weather conditions; engineered for challenging operating environments it is both robust and reliable.

One of the distinctive and important technology components of the touchfoil is its IP65 rating; this means the display is immune to ingress from water and dust.  Being free from a build-up of dirt and dust also means that it is easy to keep clean.  Easy to maintain, the touchfoil also implements thermoregulation.

The behind glass solution offers a superior design aesthetic as well as heightened security and reliability resulting in low maintenance cost.  The touch sensor can even be used whilst the user is wearing gloves – perfect for the cold temperatures reached in Moscow.

Combined with an appealing visual, the interactive element of the advertisement encouraged greater brand engagement and enabled follow up online advertising.

With just a single touch, an AXE model appeared before the passengers’ eyes – with a tempting request to “get acquainted…”. The catch – to continue the dialogue the user was asked to enter their name and valid email address on the virtual keyboard – an excellent way to capture potential consumer details and track the level of engagement and ROI of the screen. The passer-by would then automatically receive an email with the video direct to their inbox.

The control over the dialogue between the potential consumer and “girl” was carried out by remote access via installed 3G modem. The “heavenly goddesses” were so lifelike that participants kept looking hopefully behind the shelter for the fallen angels…

The bus shelters were an inspirational mix of traditional printed and digital interactive advertising, seamlessly showcasing the synergies between these two mediums, working together effortlessly to create an even more impactful campaign.

The “Even Angels can’t resist it!” campaign ran for the month of April in 2012, massively exceeding the number of contacts per day; with a forecast of 260 contacts per day, the average of 500 contacts per day was deemed a huge success.  It was calculated that approximately 4500 people would use the 9 bus stops each day; 1 in 10 passers-by engaged with the screens.

Outdoor Kiosk_Russia_2012

“Even Angels Can’t Resist it!” AXE Campaign

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