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visualplanet nominated by local MP


Following a visit from our local MP Heidi Allan, visualplanet has been nominated to represent South Cambridgeshire for new campaign ‘Exported by Britain’.

‘Exported by Britain’ is a new initiative set up by The All-Party Parliamentary manufacturing Group (APMG) and the All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group (APDIG) to challenge the myth that the UK no longer exports to the rest of the world. The initiative aims to raise awareness through the promotion of examples of successful British companies exporting, bring exporting to the top of the cross-party political agenda and support businesses to develop their exporting capacity through sign posting to assistance from (for example) UKTI, Institute for Export, British Chambers of Commerce.

MPs across Britain were asked to nominate a product exported from their constituency with a particular focus on manufacturing and the creative industries and we are proud to have been selected to represent our local area as we continue to support British exporting and manufacturing.

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