Welcome to Visualplanet™

The home of the touchfoil™, a large format self-adhesive clear film sensor that turns any non-metallic surface into a tablet-style touch screen.

What for?

Turn a shop window into a salesman, a curved sheet into an online poker game, or a zoo enclosure into an information point. Our touchfoil™ can bring your interactive ideas to life.

Progressive partnerships

Since 2003 we have been developing, manufacturing, and supporting the touchfoil™ from our own factory in Cambridge, England.

We now have a worldwide network of integration partners creating and installing innovative interactive displays for SMEs, institutions and global brands, all touch enabled with a touchfoil™.

Flexible in more ways than one

We make the touchfoil™ easy for our integration partners to fit, and even to retro-fit, behind existing glass. Flat or curved, inside or out, thick or thin, pretty much any non-metallic surface can be turned into a large format touch screen with no compromise on premises security.

It’s simple to get interactive

Uniquely, we build our touchfoil with faster installation specifically in mind, to save you substantial installation costs.

Build your reputation on ours

All of our products are engineered to remain stable and reliable for many years to come – even in the most challenging operating environments – giving you higher customer satisfaction and lower operating support costs.

The latest touch technology

When you integrate a touchfoil™ into your solutions, you’re opening up a whole new world of consumer-to-brand interaction, using the most advanced touch technology.

The power of touch

Our products give your customer the latest in touch sensor technology, and can provide access to consumers at times and in situations when they would usually be out of reach. The shop is closed, the booth is unmanned, the museum exhibit is crowded... All times when these exciting installations are proven to increase consumer enjoyment and engagement.

Partner with us

Let us inspire you with the quality of our ideas as well as our products. Talk to us about adding our touch to your customers’ displays.

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Back in 2001, I was standing in the High Street. The shop was shut. It would have been so nice to find out more. It hit me there and then.

Businesses shouldn't be putting up barriers. In fact, they should be making it easy for us to find out more about their products and services.

Vernon Spencer
Founder and Director